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Bella Site
Sky Chapel & Bella Barn

Mon-Thurs : $4,950
Fri / Sun / Weekday Holiday : $7,500
Sat : $8,970

Woods Site

Chandler Chapel & Taylor Barn

Mon-Thurs : $3,900

Fri / Sun / Weekday Holiday : $5,900

Sat : $7,500

Onsite Photography Rates

Outdoor Photo / Video Shoot : $60/hr

Outdoor & Indoor Photo / Video Shoot : $100/hr

*Complementary for all clients who book with Bella Woods

Bella Barn (Haynes).jpg



Alright, I don't even know how to BEGIN to describe my remarkable experience with The Bella Woods Wedding Venue but I'm going to give it a try: 
1. The moment I stepped onto the property I knew this is where I wanted to get married. It had the uniqueness that all the other venues did not. It had the fairytale magic that I had been looking for in the beautiful Sky Chapel and Elegant Barn Ballroom. The bridal suit was gorgeous with personal touches of antique furniture to really make you feel like a princess, with plenty of room for my 10 bridesmaids. Walking down the aisle in the chapel was a dream come true, the white pews and beautiful doors were literally something out of a fairytale. The barn was not at all what you expect, the outside has a deep rustic look but when you walk inside it transformed into a magnificent ball room. Plenty of room for dancing, cake cutting and the Aggie war hymn to be played (WHOOP).Each chandelier sparkled so bright I knew I had to have my happily ever after here. MY wedding was nothing short of gorgeous, stunning and perfect at the Bella Woods. 

                                                               -Taryn Logan


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